About Us

About Us

Wishy Washy Laundromat started because we saw a need for a modern, clean laundromat in Homedale, Idaho. While building our home, we needed a clean, safe place to do our laundry. When nothing in Homedale met that need, we found ourselves driving an hour round trip to do our laundry in Nampa. There had to be a better way.

A year later, we decided to open our Homedale location and have since expanded to Boise and the surrounding areas. Our principle is simple. We offer a clean, safe place for everyone to come do their laundry. Or better yet, drop it off and let us do it for you!

The Only Full Service Laundromat in the state of Idaho that offers Ozone

What is Ozone Sanitation?
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Throughout the self-serve laundry industry, store owners are constantly looking for was to deal with three tough issues: rising energy costs, the need to go green and how to provide the cleanest wash environment for customers.

What if there was ONE solution to all three of these problems?

Now there is! The San-O3-wash by Aquawing is an innovative new system that uses a perfect amount of ozone in every wash cycle, giving store owners (and their customers) peace of mind, knowing that their washers have been completely sanitized! Adding ozone to the wash allows the use of lower-temperature water (if desired) in a hot cycle; which will substantially lower utility bills, reduce the carbon footprint of the store, and reduce the wear on fabrics!

Why the SanO3wash?

  • Sanitizes the washer during EVERY cycle by utilizing at least two ozonated fills per wash load
  • Reduces the store’s utility bills (and carbon footprint); by using less heated water
  • Provides a better wash than one with non-ozonated water; fabrics experience less wear, and come out brighter and cleaner
  • Fabrics washed in ozonated water retain less moisture, allowing for a reduced drying time
  • Rack-mounted systems available for utility room installation; capacities will vary by store and washer models
  • The entire SanO3wash system is factory assembled, wired, and tested for quick and easy installation and start-up

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Built and installed in 2021, our washers and dryers are as state of the art as they come. Our washers spin with a full 200g’s of extraction force! What does this mean? It means that in our smallest washers, a 20lb load of laundry spins with enough extraction force to place 4,000lbs of stress on the washer! Our biggest machine handles up to 16,000lbs of force when spinning the dirt and water out of your clothes.
But we don’t stop there! Our dryers are multi-directional. The days of having your larger sheets and blankets wadded up are gone! Our dryers spin one direction for a few seconds, then stop and spin the other direction. This prevents the clothes from getting twisted up into a knot. The result is clothes dry faster, with less wear and stay fluffier. The dryers also sense moisture so once your clothes are dry, they won’t burn or over heat, preventing damage. The drums will also keep spinning after they are dry to prevent wrinkling for up to the full 45 minutes.

Absolutely. Our customer service team is standing by ready to help in any way we can. Stuff happens! In the event one of our machines eats your quarters, doesn’t vent a snack, or you don’t feel like you got what you paid for, just give us a call. Our phone number is posted inside the laundromat and we can instantaneously give refunds, or remotely start the machines from anywhere in the world! Never be left hanging again! We aim to please.

A: We are a 24-hour laundromat that operates 365 days a year. We have state of the art ultra-HD 4K cameras that provide cinematic quality security footage from 16 different cameras. We are constantly monitoring our stores remotely but if you ever have a concern, or just want to see how busy the laundromat is, simply call or text us and we will get you a response in real time.

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