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Wishy Washy Laundromat is a family-owned business started in 2021. Our goal when we opened our laundromat was to provide a clean and safe place to do laundry in the Homedale area. We have now expanded with our new location serving downtown Boise. We are proud of what we've built and we hope we have made you feel welcome in our state-of-the-art laundromat facilities.
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Our state of the art driers are a cut above the rest. Do you get tired of your sheets and large items getting wadded up and not drying in the middle? Our driers spin both ways preventing larger items from getting tied into a knot. This speeds the drying process and lessens the wear on your sheets.

What we do differently?

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What we do differently?

We provide a clean and safe environment to get the funk out of your laundry. Wishy Washy really focused on the latest technology when we built our store. Did you know we can remotely start our machines from anywhere in the world? Machines sometimes break down but rest assured we won’t leave you hanging. If your quarters get gobbled up, we will remotely start your machine for you right away, saving you frustration, and money.
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Are you tired of spending hours on laundry every week? Let us take care of it for you! With our Professional Laundry Services, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy freshly laundered clothes without the hassle. Let us take care of your laundry - Call us now at 208-336-1917 (Boise) & 208-619-8006 (Homedale) for top-notch Laundry Service.


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Well Deserving of its Full 5 Star Rank

Went into the new wishy washy laundromat let me just I will never be going back to the old laundromat again I will sticking with wishy washy hence forth the facility itself is way nicer and I may be a one person home but I have 2 puppies and a kitten best believe I got a lot of laundry I like that they have a washer and dryer big enough for all of my stuff in one load makes life much much easier I will be back and I will be recommending. Well deserving of its full 5 star rank πŸ™‚

Cynthia Adkins

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Large Washers and Dryers

Large Washers and Dryers, very clean building, vending machines, toys for kids, take debit cards, and clothes come out very clean.

Megan Marcum

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First time and I Loved it!

Clean and Peaceful environment to do a not-so-fun job. Vending machine and soap choices are great! Loved doing my extra loads of laundry here. First time and I loved it! πŸ˜„

Allyssa Lopez

It is Nice and Clean.

It is Nice and Clean. There was air conditioning to help us all stay comfortable. I needed the large capacity machines. They worked really well! There was a women who was tidying up the machines. I needed to ask her a question. She was very friendly and willing to help. Really nice laundry mat. I will definitely go there again.


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Nice laundromat. Very clean.

I was traveling through and needed to find a laundromat. I’m glad I found this one! I appreciated the fact that you can use a credit card or quarters in the machines. I also wanted to fill up my water jugs, and there was a water dispenser conveniently in the front. Thanks!

Joanie Chevalier

Best Laundry Services

Clean and Peaceful Environment

I visited 2 days ago and couldn’t believe how clean it was. Little things give me joy and when I saw you had the carts AND the table I was super happy! I like the fact you have card readers and the coin slots! Super rad!! Oh and let me say the AC was top notch. The washer are legit! When the washer says 25 minutes it means 25 minutes! πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ and the size of those machines..I mean WOW!😲 Thank you!!!

Tricia Knoll

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